Add a Little Color with Crayons
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Add a Little Color with Crayons

I don't know what winters are like by you. Here at Orange Art Box, just outside of Chicago, they are typically very cold and the skies are usually grey. Not my favorite weather combo, but you learn to make the best of it (ok, maybe I'm still learning to make the best of it). The other day when the sun was out I had to just stop what I was doing and take it all in.

We spend a lot of time brainstorming what fun projects we are going to put in our boxes. This often leaves us with a variety of art supplies or finished art projects on our workspace. Makes sense, right? On this day, what stopped me as I worked was the simplest of art supplies. The one supply that most likely every young artist starts out with. What caught my eye was a simple tin of Crayons basking in the rare winter sunlight.

When I was young, I loved getting new crayons. I loved how perfect they looked when you first opened the box. I loved using a crayon for the very first time. I most of all loved "testing" out all the colors and picking my favorites. This is funny to look back on because every year my favorites were the same. I just couldn't get enough Periwinkle and of course Carnation Pink!!

Before I got too caught up in thinking about my favorite colors (let's be real, it's pink, hands down, and then Orange) I asked our Intern, Raegan, to take a quick picture before the sun went away. What do you think? She did a good job, right? There are a lot of crayons in there and I see Orange and purple. What would your container of crayons look like? Could it fill an entire Orange Art Box? What colors are your favorite? Let us know. We love hearing from artists like you!