August Orange Art Box Contents
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August Orange Art Box Contents

We're getting crafty with this month's Orange Art Box!

Use your Creative Mind and Create Something Amazing!

Each Orange Art Box includes the following:

  • Wood Board
  • Wood Stars
  • Wood Circles
  • Drawstring Game Bag
  • Bag of Rocks
  • Acrylic Paint Set
  • Set of Paint Brushes
  • Foam Paint Brush
  • Sargent Art® Metallic Markers
  • Colored Wood Sticks
  • 5x7 White Cardstock
  • 5x7 Black Cardstock
  • Bag of Embellishments: Buttons, Gems, and Sequins
  • Glue Dots®
  • Puzzle Toys
  • Art Mat

Below you'll find instructions on how to create your own masterpieces. 

We can't wait to see what you create!

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Create Art and Frame It!

For this project you will need your Black Cardstock, Sargent Art®, Metallic Markers, Craft Sticks, Glue Dots®, Gems, Buttons, and Sequins.

  • Create your own work of art with the Sargent Art® Metallic Markers on the black cardstock and cut it to fit craft frame.

  • Using Glue Dots®, attach craft sticks and paper together. 

  • Add in fun buttons, sequins, and gems around your frame with Glue Dots®!


Cool Down with a Couple Craft Stick Popsicles!

For this project you will need your Black Cardstock, Sargent Art® Metallic Markers, Craft Sticks, Glue Dots®, Gems, Buttons, and Sequins.

  • Pick 4 craft sticks.

  • Cut the white cardstock to fit behind the 4 craft stick, about 2” wide. Attach the sticks with Glue Dots®.

  • Add your “popsicle stick” to the bottom with more Glue Dots®.

  • Paint on your melted frosting layer on top.

  • Add in the “sprinkle” gems with Glue Dots®!


Create Painted Rocks

Let your imagination go wild with painted rocks!

For this project you will need your Acrylic Paint Set, Rocks, Metallic Markers, and Paint Brushes.

  • Give the rocks a base coat of paint in the color of your choice with the paint brushes. Let dry.

  • Decorate the rocks to make all kinds of fun art! Bugs, Monsters, Flowers, Stripes, Quotes and so much more!

  • What can you create with the markers and paint? Let your creativity soar!

  • Keep your rocks for decorations, paperweights, or hide them for others to find.


Make Your Own Game

Make Your Own Tic Tac Toe Game and Flex that Creative Mind!

For this project you will need your paint set, wood board, wood stars, wood circles, foam brush, paint brushes, metallic markers, and drawstring bag.

  • Paint the wood board with your foam brush. Be sure to let it dry.

  • Draw in the lines to the board with the metallic markers. Two in each direction.

  • Decorate your wood circles and stars with the paint and markers. Get creative!

  • Decorate your drawstring bag with markers.

  • Enjoy endless games of Tic Tac Toe with your friends and family! Store the game in your drawstring bag.


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