From Camp Dewey to an Art Subscription Box for Kids
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From Camp Dewey to an Art Subscription Box for Kids

I get asked a lot how Orange Art Box was created. The answer is quite simple—I love to see kids smile. There is a longer version of the story, but that will always be the main objective. Every day and every box—our mission is to see kids smile.

Summer after summer, we vacationed in a magical place called Dewey Lake. It was a week full of fun with family. Once my son was born, I created a little camp for all the kids to participate in. We mostly did art projects—we painted birdhouses, painted rocks, made the annual Camp Dewey sign, tie dyed everything we could get our hands on and tons of other creative activities. Every year it got better and better and there was more excitement than the year before. The kids would come up with awesome ideas and I would help execute them. Before Camp Dewey was even over for the week, they would be planning next year and give their ideas for new projects. In my driveway you would find paint brushes in solo cups filled with water, paper plates to mix unique colors they dreamed up and splatters of paint and glue. It made them smile, but it made me smile even more. I loved putting Camp Dewey together and enjoyed everything it stood for. They held up their creations with pride and couldn’t wait to show their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles…and anyone walking down the street.

Pondering my next adventure and next career, I thought about what I would love doing every day and I asked myself a question. How could I replicate Camp Dewey? The Kids loved it and that week filled my heart with joy. What if I put it in a box? In California, a kid could be sketching outside on their patio, in Ohio they could painting on the kitchen table, in Texas they could be decorating a bookmark on a trip in the car and on and on. I would put all the supplies they needed in a box, just like Camp Dewey and make millions of kids smile. And what kid doesn’t love to get mail? Especially a bright orange box addressed to them! Yes, this was it! I would create a Kids Art Subscription Box!

There is one thing I know about running Camp Dewey for all those years—kids love to create. While creating, they smile, they laugh, they share, and they show their uniqueness. There are a lot of rules for kids and art is where you can break the rules. In my experience, kids creating their own special masterpieces is one place they can let themselves go, play around and have fun. This is what Orange Art Box is all about. Sure, we will give you ideas and themes, but if the theme is outer space and you want to draw a flower because you just mixed the perfect color purple. Draw the flower. Is the yellow included in the box the perfect color for a truck? Draw the truck. Always do you.

What will they create? I’m not sure, but we are so excited to see! I know it will always be incredible to them and beautiful to us.

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