How to Make Mosaic Art
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How to Make Mosaic Art

Making mosaics are fun and can be done in a variety of ways. This one is simple and can be done with supplies you most likely have lying around your house. 
You will need :
- A page from a coloring book
- Various colors of paper
- Scissors
- Glue stick
Step 1 - Choose a picture from a coloring book that you would like to use as your design. Ones that have more space to color in would be best. This will allow for more mosaic pieces to fill in the space.
How To Mosaic Start
Step 2 - Cut the paper into small pieces. Depending on the child's age and dexterity the size of these pieces could range in size. Again, you will want the pieces to be able to fit within the design you are working with. Use scissors that are age appropriate for the child cutting the colored paper. Cut paper into strips and then into squares, rectangles or triangles.
How To Mosaic Cutting Paper
Step 3- Glue the pieces of the colored cut paper to your chosen design. Use the glue stick on the background then arrange the cut pieces of paper in the color combination of your choice.
How To Mosaic Half Way Done
Step 4- When the project is complete let it lay flat to dry (this won't take long).  
How To Mosaic Done
There you go! Your mosaic masterpiece is complete.