July Orange Art Box Contents
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July Orange Art Box Contents

This month's Orange Art Box is all about Bugs!

We've included everything you need to make some awesome masterpieces:

  • Bug Box Kit
  • 4x Felt Bug Kits 
  • 4x Bug Stencils
  • 6x Sheets of Cardstock 5x7 
  • Crayola® Markers
  • Darice® Color In Velvet Stickers
  • 3x sheets Glue Dots® 
  • Google Eyes
  • 1x Finger Puppet Bug
  • 2x Plastic Bugs

Below you'll find instructions on how to create your own art. 

We can't wait to see what you create!

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Make Your Own Bug Jar

Turn a plastic jar into a fun Bug Jar!  You can collect real ones or use some cute play ones!

For this project you will need the Bug Box Kit and Glue Dots®.

Orange Art Box July - Bug Box

  • Open the jar, pull out all the elements inside and take out the wrapping.
  • Place the pipe cleaner through the holes in the lid from the bottom.
  • Add the round foam bug body to the top of the jar.  Attach with 4 - 5 Glue Dots® lining it up with the holes on the lid. Feed the lid through the pipe cleaners.  Curl the pipe cleaners to make it look like antenna.
  • Using Glue Dots®, attach the foam grass to the bottom.  Place the My Bug Jar and leaves stickers anywhere you wish.  Don’t forget to add on the googly eyes to your bug on lid!
  • Place some of the cute plastic bugs inside, or go out and collect some real ones to study. Do not forget to release the live bugs so they can go home!


Make A Bug Scrapbook

Create a Fun Scrapbook filled with Colorful Bugs!

For this project you will need the white sheets of paper with the hole punched in the top corner, Crayola® Markers, Bug Stencils, Googly Eyes, and Darice® Color-In Velvet Bug Stickers.

Orange Art Box July - Bug Scrapbook

  • Apply the stencil to the paper and use the markers to color in the bug.  Change up the colors or make it all one color!  Add some googly eyes if you want!
  • Color in your bug velvet stickers any way you wish.
  • Add stickers to your book and draw in some other fun shapes, words, or designs.
  • For extra fun, add real pictures to your book!


Create Your Own Felt Bugs

Build and Play with your own 3D Felt Bugs!

For this project you will need the 4 packages of Felt Bugs.

Orange Art Box July - Felt Bugs

  • Open the Felt Bug package and lay out the supplies. 
  • Place 3 long pipe cleaners on top of each other on top of the bottom bug piece.  For the blue bug, add on the short mouth section.
  • Peel off the sticker to the top felt section and place over the pipe cleaners to hold them in place.  
  • For the Ladybug, Ant, and Beetle, add one bead to each end of the pipe cleaner and roll it over to make it look like the tip of an antenna. Fold it like a V and place it on the head section of the Felt Bug.  Peel off the sticker for the head section and place it on top of the pipeclear antenna to hold it in place.
  • For the Blue Bug, add the 2 white heart shaped stickers to the back.  Place the large sticker on the bottom and the small sticker on the top to look like wings.
  • Add the eyes to each bug.
  • Leave your Bug flat or you can bend the legs so they can stand!


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