October Orange Art Box Contents
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October Orange Art Box Contents

October Orange Art Boxes are in the mail, but it's not too late to order yours!

Each Orange Art Box includes the following:

  • Yarn Bundles
  • Glow in the Dark Paint Set
  • Colored Paper Tubes
  • Paint Brushes - Assorted Sizes
  • Foam Brush
  • Bag of Embellishments (Including Googly Eyes, Sequins, Pom Poms, Feathers, Pipe Cleaners and more)
  • Mod Podge®
  • Glue Dots®
  • Black Cardstock
  • Monster Bendable Toy
  • Art Mat
  • Info Booklet

    Below you'll find instructions on how to create your own masterpieces. 

    We can't wait to see what you create!

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    Canvas Monsters

    Cast A Ghoulish Glow With Canvas Monsters

    For this project you will need the Mini Canvases, Black Cardstock, Paint Brushes, Mod Podge®, Glue Dots®, Glow in the Dark Paint, and your Bag of Embellishments.

    • Paint the background of the canvas in the color of your choice with the Glow in the Dark Paint.

    • Using Mod Podge® and Glue Dots®, attach your embellishments, yarn and/or cardstock to the canvas making a fun (or spooky) design.

    • Bring your monsters in the dark to see them GLOW!


    Paper Tube Monsters

    Host Your Own Monster Mash With Paper Tube Monsters

    For this project you will need the Colored Paper Tubes, Paint Brushes, Glue Dots®, Glow in the Dark Paint, Black Cardstock, and Bag of Embellishments.

    • Paint the background of the tube in fun designs with the Glow in the Dark Paint.

    • Use various embellishments and the Black Cardstock to make a monster using the Glue Dots® to hold the items to the tube.

    • Don’t forget to use the Yarn, Pipe Cleaners or Orange Crinkle Paper for a little extra added fun on your monster!

    • Check out your monster in the dark to see how it GLOWS!


    Yarn Monsters

    Haunt Your Home With Yarn Ghosts

    For this project you will need yarn, a pipe cleaner, googly eyes, and your Orange Art Box.

    • Cut off the small flap to use as a template to make your monster.

    • Wrap the yarn around your cardboard template about 40 times.

    • Place your pipe cleaner under the yarn and twist tight to hold it in place.

    • Flip it over, cut the yarn, and remove from the cardboard template.

    • Roll the ends of the pipe cleaner up to make eyes. Have fun with it! Make a single eye, long antennae eyes, or short eyes. It’s all up to you!

    • Attach the googly eyes to complete your yarn monster. Don’t forget to name your monster!


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