Spring Art Projects For Kids
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Spring Art Projects For Kids

When it comes to deciding what projects we are going to put in our boxes, Orange Art Box does a lot of research. There are so many different ways that artists can express themselves out there that it's really quite inspiring. While getting ideas for a mosaic box, I, of course, had my brain flooded with tons of other ideas that weren't within the mosaic theme. The following is something I thought would be a great idea because it uses similar supplies like the ones that have already been used in our mosaic projects (which means you might still have them and not have to shop for anymore 😀) and yet is something a little different for your young artist.

Everything You Need

What you will need:

  • Different colored tissue paper (although I didn't try this idea, some different colored paper could probably work as well)
  • Mod Podge
  • Scissors
  • Blank canvas ( any type of blank sturdy paper or cardboard could do too)
  • Optional: pencil and different sized round items to trace

I first decided what my design would look like. I chose a simple scene of a blue sky with green grass and flowers (It's finally spring!!) I then pulled out the green and blue I would be using for the background and got to work cutting the tissue paper. I cut the blue tissue for the sky first. I roughly cut it to be around 2/3 of the canvas. I applied the Mod Podge to the canvas with the foam brush. Gently, I set the blue tissue onto the canvas and smoothed it down. I did this with my hand and lightly with the foam brush after loading the brush with a bit more Mod Podge. I then cut the green tissue to fit the bottom of the canvas and put it in the same way as I did the blue tissue.

Background Created

The next part took about a minute of planning. I decided that I wanted 3 flowers, so I then cut and pasted down 3 stems. Because flowers come in all shapes and sizes, I thought here you could get creative and cut and paste any shape you want on the flower stem. I choose to do something easy by tracing different size circles and then layering them with the biggest size circle as the base, then the middle size and ended by putting the smallest on top. Sometimes the circles would need a bit more Mod Podge on between layers. When all the circles were done, I added one last coat of Mod Podge to make sure it was all smoothed down. Because tissue paper is super thin and can be challenging to cut individually, I placed several pieces on top of each other before I traced the circles then cut them. Take your time. Again, the tissue paper is thin and delicate and could rip.

Stems Added

I ended up adding some leaves after I had put the flowers on their stems. I just felt like the flowers needed something else. I also was thinking of adding some white clouds to the very blue sky, but I live in Chicago and been looking at grey or cloudy skies for months!! I needed a break, and this bright blue sky on this artwork did the trick.


So what do you think? Easy, right? This type of project can really be done with any design. Think outside the box and show us know what you create at art@orangeartbox.com.