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Buy One Get One 30% OFF on our Immediate Ship Product - Use Code BOGO30 at checkout

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We love to see kids smile!  It’s really that simple. This has been the mission statement of our company since Day 1.  We believe this now more than ever.

What our country and world is facing is unprecedented. Schools are closed or closing and familiar public places are shutting down.  As Parents and Caregivers, we are trying to manage these changes. 

The Orange Art Box (OAB) Team is working on products we can quickly release to help bridge the gap between being at home while still learning.  Art and creativity are very important aspects of the normal school curriculum.  We have boxes ready for immediate shipment.  Our boxes have at least three art projects per box, perfect for filling the creativity gap that will be missed in the e-learning environment.  OAB wants to help you in this difficult time by offering reduced pricing, special discounts, immediate shipping options, and the ability to build your own boxes.  Please continue to check back frequently as we update our site and offerings.

We hope an Orange Art Box delivered to your door brightens your day, creates beautiful memories and helps your family during the days ahead.  We love to see you smile….  It’s really that simple.

Jen McDonnell, Founder


 Free Birthday Box

Free Birthday Box

Getting a free birthday box is easy, simply purchase a 12-month subscription and we'll automatically send you a FREE Birthday Box for the recipient's birthday. That's a $38.95 value, absolutely free.