Orange Art Box offers different ways for kids to enjoy the magic of art while learning:

  • Our Monthly Subscription is just like a magazine subscription, order once and we'll automatically send you a new box every month until you cancel. We bill you automatically, based on your subscription length.  Boxes are shipped mid-month.
  • Our Gift Subscription does not automatically renew, and is completely pre-paid. You choose how many months you would like to receive a box and we'll send you exactly that many. 
  • Our Single Box is a one time box that does not renew.  Order today and we ship out right away.  Receive your box within 1-5 days from time of order depending on your location.  Pick your theme and start creating!
  • Birthday Boxes are not a subscription, rather they are a single box that does not renew that is delivered during your specified birthday month. 
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